Space journeys

Are you ready for some Space journeys?

Then all you have to do is to install Java3d. Press F11 to experience the visuals in fullscreen.

First take the ride through space. Then explore the galaxies by flying around and navigating.First click on the world with your mouse, then move around with the arrow-keys and the Page Up and Page Down-keys. You will see your position in space in X, Y and Z- coordinates.

Exploration of space (ride-version)

Exploration of space (explore-version)

If you enter the tunnels that connect the universe, you can take these hyperspace journeys.

Universal hyperspace journey

Hardcore hyperspace journey
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Spiral galaxies (extra 3D-effect version)

Spiral galaxies (version optimized for navigation)

Trance universal journey Organic time journey Time journey

How to journey into space

First click on the 3D-world to give it focus so you can navigate!


Key to press on the keyboard

Move forwards or backwards Up arrow, Down arrow
Spin sideways Left arrow, Right arrow
Spin vertically Page up, Page down
Increase focus +
Decrease focus -
Full-screen (on Internet Explorer) Click on the browser to give it focus, then press F11.

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Lost in space

Lost in space 2

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