Information about TrippMounts

Before I made this applet, I experimented with making my own 3D-geometries. When I came up with one that was good enough I wanted to make a 3D-world with it. The geometry is created with a TriangleFanArray. I create the color of the objects by assigning different color-values to the points in the TriangleFanArray.

The green and black objects in this world are of the class I created: Trippmount. These objects all have different values on their attributes. The objects with different color are all subclasses to Trippmount.

The first purpose of this applet is to create a world with objects of the Trippmount class. The second purpose is to test Shape3D-classes based on new geometries in Java-3D. Since I use my own class in this world and none of the primitives like sphere and cylinder, it lookes like nothing else in the usual Java-3D worlds. Since I do not use any textures it starts quick without any downloads and the applet works fast and easy.

You normally move in this world with the left- and right-keys, but you can also fly with the PageUp-key, and if you navigate right, you can see the whole world from above. The only thing I have not had time to do with this applet is to modify the key-navigator behavior to make it impossible for the visitor to move into the objects.

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