Press somewhere outside the applet-area with the mouse. Then press the F11-key. This fill give you a full-screen view of the world. Then press with the mouse in the applet are to give it focus again, so you can navigate in the world.

Compare OpenGL with DirectX

Java3D gives you an excellent opportunity to compare OpenGL with DirectX, because there are one OpenGL-version and one DirectX-version of Java3D. If you want compare them go to the installation page and download both versions of Java3D. Uninstall one of them and then install the other. Then you can decide which one is best.

Operating Systems

If you use Windows, most 3D-graphics including Java3D looks better on Windows 98 than on Windows 2000 and NT. The gold-version of Windows 98 is good for this purpose, but I think the millenium-version has less bugs. I know that all my 3D-applets work on both Windows 98 Windows 2000 and NT, but they function faster and better on Windows 98. I haven't tested it on Solaris, but there is a Solaris-version of Java3D. Since Solaris is Sun's own OS, I assume they had to make the Solaris-version good, even if not that many people use Unix for entertainment use, like looking at 3D-graphics. If you use other operating systems go here to find your version of Java3D. I have not tested on these other operating systems, so if you use them let me know how they work with Java3D.

Installation of Java3D

When compared to standard Java-programs, the installation that Java3D requires is more unconvenient than usual. However the advantage with a client installation is that after that installation the user has the needed JAR-files. So next time they do not have to download them again.

But when compared to PC programs , the installation that Java3D requires is not much really . I mean for instance to download and run a screensaver you must download it, unzip it, put it in the right OS-directory(or run an installation program), check it for virus, open the control panel and display properties, and then find the screensaver. And the installation process for most PC programs are more complicated than that.

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