Virtual Forests

Are you ready to step into these virtual forests?

Then all you have to do is to install Java3d. Press F11 to experience the visuals in fullscreen.

First take the rides through the forests. Then explore the virtual worlds. There are one virtual world for every ride.

3D forest-rides

Swedish spruce forest

Alien planet forest

Deep Spruce Forest

Get the fullscreen, complete and enhanced version of one these visuals as a screensaver!

Don't take the ride "Dizzy in a spruce-forest" if you get sea-sick easy. Get a license to use any of these animations.

Dizzy in a spruce-forest

Lost in a spruce-forest

Shrub Forest

Spruce-forest flight

You can use any of these applets for your web-site if you contact me. They can be customized with different colors or textures.

Virtual forest-worlds

Swedish Spruce Forest

Alien planet forest

Deep spruce forest world

Alien planet jungle

Shrub Forest

How to travel into these forest-worlds

First click on the 3D-world to give it focus so you can navigate!


Key to press on the keyboard

Move forwards or backwards Up arrow, Down arrow
Spin sideways Left arrow, Right arrow
Spin vertically Page up, Page down
Increase focus +
Decrease focus -
Full-screen (on Internet Explorer) Click on the browser to give it focus, then press F11.

If you want these forests to be less cloudy, you can press Ctrl and + at the same time. Then you will see all the trees in the forest, even those in the distance.

Go back to the third dimension for more virtual reality

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If it is about problems with these programs, check the Java3D-guide before you mail me!


Or mail to me on if you don't want to use the form.

Programming and Copyright to everything on this site by Eyvind Almqvist.

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