Information about the visuals

The inspiration to these visuals come from my astral journeys and mathematical patterns I see in nature.

The Astral visuals can be used for meditation, self hypnosis or to energize and stimulate the mind. They can be used as applets on web sites and all of them can quickly be remade into screensavers. They can be used as VJ visuals for a party or any other occasion. Contact me if you want to use some of the visual effects in our collection. They can be customized with different colors or textures for your need.

About 30 of the visuals have been featured on JARS's (Java Applet Rating Service) 3D-graphics list . Most of them have also been rated by them. is an example of a commercial website which has licensed the visuals to use them as applets.

Contact me if you want to use the applets.

Information on how to how to license the applets.

About the site

Astral Visuals is created by Eyvind Almqvist .

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